The world of classical music is one of enchantment, beauty, imagery and sound. The Creative Kids Central home page is designed to introduce our vistors to the different forms of classical music through sound and pictures. Our site is intended for children of all ages, but most particularly 7 to 9 year olds and their parents, grandparents, and teachers. We hope to capture the imagination of children and to provide a musical experience that will engage our visitors, opening a portal to the beauty and power of classical music. In our Scheherezade Interactive activity, we tell a musical story that we hope will inspire children to learn more about the magical world of classical music. We also hope that our visitors, by experiencing Scheherezade's tale from the famous 1001 Arabian Nights, will come to see how one brave and creative person has the possibility to change things for the better. We want our visitors to learn something about the artistic and storytelling traditions of Scheherezade's ancient and venerable culture. In Scheherezade's story, peace in the kingdom is achieved by means of communication, understanding, and trust. The very old stories of the Arabian Nights describe ideas that might help us in the world today as we try to understand and connect with other cultures in a peaceful way.

Press Release: Creative Kids Education Foundation and Classical KUSC Team Up to Educate Young Listeners (Word doc: 34Kb) (PDF: 134Kb)


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