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Hansel and Gretel: Learning about Opera!

Teacher Resources

Hansel and Gretel: Learning about Opera! is an online educational experience featuring Humperdinck's Opera Hansel and Gretel. Players can control interactive elements in every scene and watch the play unfold.

Parents and children or student groups can experience and enjoy these activities together and learn about opera music and theatre. Music listening guides and music games assist with exploration of the elements of orchestral and opera music. At the end of the story, additional information and resources can be found Backstage at the Opera. [If your school has internet filters that interfere with direct access to, please visit and click on our activities there.]

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Hansel and Gretel: Learning about Opera is teacher ready! Teachers and educators, please download this lesson plan, featuring music education information, and cross-curricular activities on fairy tales. The music education activities are referenced to the National and State standards in Music Education, and the learning concepts of the games are also described.

Download these activities for your classroom:

Technical Requirements: This module requires Flash version 8. Get Flash Player. Because of extensive multimedia sound, this game works best on faster computers (PC Pentium3 or better, Mac G4 or better) and with broadband connections (DSL or cable).